Your care is our primary care.
Awarded Select CDPAP Approval by NYS
Your care is our primary care
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Your Home Field Advantage

With our CDPAP program, we help you fuse the warmth of family care with the professionalism and compensation of traditional care.

Get Care

If you’re longing for a home health caregiver who is familiar to you, understands your personality, and is a comfortable presence in your home, New York Medicaid’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) through Anchor Health is meant for you.




Choose, hire and train friends or family members who know and love you.

No caregiver license or certification is required— only your trust and approval.

Assistant may perform administer injections, tracheostomies, wound care, and more…

Am I Eligible?

If you meet the following criteria, you can enjoy the many benefits of CDPAP:

  • Require assistance with daily living
  • Capable of hiring and directing your caregivers or have a representative who can
  • Live within New York State and are eligible for Medicaid

CDPAP promises you:

Dignity of controlling your own care.
Power to choose an assistant you know.
Freedom to customize your physical assistance.

We go wherever care is needed and are inspired to care for more people at various life stages.