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Questions to Ask When Considering an Assisted Living Home for You

When it comes to deciding which assisted living facility your loved one will begin to live at, it is important to ensure that you are going into each facility with a clear idea of what you and your loved one want. It is also important to come with specific questions that will help you decide if this assisted living home is right for you and your loved one. Below are some questions to ask a tour guide or representative to ensure you know where your loved one would be living at.

1. Where the Home is Located

Before you even step foot in the facility, it is a good idea to check the surrounding area either through Google Maps or a quick drive-by. It is important to know what sort of environment surrounds the space to ensure that the area is safe and secure.

2. What is the Fee and How Often Do You Pay?

If you are considering an assisted living home that is wildly outside your budget, learning about the cost upfront can be a quick way to cut a facility off your list. It is important to ensure that you can comfortably pay for your loved one’s stay without any added stress on you or your loved one. It is also important to ask if you have any other options for help with payment, such as Medicaid or another type of assisted-based plan. Ask upfront if there will be any extra fees to ensure you understand how much money you will really be investing.

3. Ask about the Assessment Test

Most assisted living homes will require potential residents to undergo an assessment test. This assessment is typically done in-person by a member of the staff who will be testing your loved one’s physical and cognitive health. This assessment helps determine the level of care your loved one will need once admitted into the facility. This assessment will also help determine if the assisted living home is right for your loved one.

4. Are There Emergency Medical Professionals Nearby in the Event of an Emergency?

While an assisted living facility will certainly have trained nurses and other medical professionals trained for the daily assistance of your loved one, this does not guarantee they will be able to treat your loved one in the event of an emergency. By asking what the procedure is for a medical emergency and ensuring that standby medical professionals are within or nearby the facility will also give you an idea of how prepared management is in the event of a medical emergency.

5. What Amenities and Services are Included with the Facility?

Asking what sort of amenities and additional services are offered through the facility is a good way to round out your image of the healthcare facility. Ask if each unit has its own bathroom, kitchen, or washer and dryer. Ask if each unit has its own WIFI so you can video chat with your loved one on a regular basis. If your loved one has a pet, it is also important to ask if the facility allows pets. By understanding the little details of your loved one’s stay in the facility, they can let you know if there is an amenity or service they find essential or extremely important.

Asking questions when considering an assisted living facility for your loved one is important. Going into a tour or informational session with questions and your loved one’s preferences in-hand is the best way to ensure you understand the ins-and-outs of the facility. Always include your loved one in the questions and ensure you listen to their thoughts on the facility as well. After all, if they do not love the home, it is probably not the one for them.

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